Beginning of a fairy tale

Beginning of a fairy tale

Beginning of a fairy tale


Much Like Wearing a New Lehenga a bride dreams of entering the wedding in a exclusive style, the euphoric moment in her life, Her initial steps to the Mandap, from her grace to glow it is all like birth of a magical fairy tale…The colors of love spread on every side,And why not! After all, it’s one of the few unforgettable moments of a wedding where all eyes are glued to the bride.


Everyone becomes elevated to see first glimpse of the bride,a edgy moment with good-cheer, blimishing all around.Though it also becomes a key point where you can do anything and everything you desire.The bride enters the ceremony site and is brought to the Mandap by her maternal uncle, or other relatives and bridesmaids.


Entering your own wedding,needs to be enthrilled..Anyhow some like to follow the old ways out of getting in with the tradiditonal song ‘Din Shagna Da’,whereas some experiment  come up with trendiest idea to fill up the bloom out of sentiments…while some go royal and enter like ‘maharani’s on the rath and some on bikes or dance the way throughout


Entering with Parents, Other Half or Bridemaids or brothers on the occasion that makes history. because in your dreams, every detail matters.

Here are some sassy ways you may look and get inspired to plan yours..


How classy would it be Driving a Rickshaw entering your own wedding

With your Bridemaids with a Shower of Roses all Around.

A Rickshaw Decorated with flowers and the Bride entering her wedding location. Using props and Glasses, completing the look.

How about rocking this idea getting in your wedding location with your best friends in a Vintage Car.

Making a grand entrance on your big day

What else could be more firing than this?

Bride Dancing the way to the stage with friends and relatives seems so pleasing, entering on a offbeat song dancing with oomph. Making lifetime memories.

A Bride Entering being groovy, Dancing brides are always the prettiest and choosing the right song would be sizzling, Brides confine their way with tons of merriment and Love for their to be relations. And enter with the frizzle and make it royal.


How about entering under a Chadar and relish the tradition with your brothers and bridesmaids.

You can also customize your chadar using your favorite flowers and Kaliras or Fulkari. Giving your entry a full royal touch walking and reaching to your other half with the glory and shine of joy

You can have the grand entrance by either getting a custom palki made or you can even arrive in a Cinderella carriage. This will make you feel like an enchanted princess ready to marry her prince to accomplish and complete her fairy tale.

How about your pets introducing you to your wedding, carrying your pets along and making them roam around with their keen consciousness of being with you. Taking your pets along never seems to be bad Idea, If you are a animal lover. Becomes the best entry as you get your best friend along with you in a customized dress and make him walk around you. And making them rock your wedding runway.

How about entering the wedding with your other half with crackers all around by your relatives and giving your entrance a lighting theme.

You can also walk out or dance on the way and feel the glory everyside.

Make your entry Glittery and Sparky..!!

You walk this runway once in a life time, make sure you make it memorable for you and accomplish your desire of how you wish your wedding should be.

Every Love story is beautiful, Let yours be unique..

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